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The latest issue of China Executive Education Guide 2022 has been published! This issue obtains the inside track of picking a program with compiled cardinal information of over 40 EMBA, MBA, DBA, and other Master’s programmes in China and Hong Kong for easy comparison. The guide also features sharing of academics and professionals on the keys to sustainable success for executives amidst the ever competitive business environment. You can also enjoy handy reading by downloading the full digital version!


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Embracing the Prospects in the Greater Bay Area; Breaking Age Barriers

30 Jan 2024

As the Mainland Chinese head south for career development, Hong Kong residents should get prepared for job opportunities in the north., As an expert in human resources management and an executive committee member of the Hong Kong People Management Association, Dr. Felix Yip highlighted the sustainable development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and its contribution to economic cooperation and market expansion in the region. By capitalizing on the complementary strengths of the three regions, the GBA offers Hong Kong businesses further expansion opportunities, encompassing a population of 80 million. The region's economic growth has resulted in increased population mobility. To address the challenges posed by an aging local population and labor shortage, the Hong Kong government has actively formulated policies to attract talents and professionals from the Greater Bay Area. These efforts aim to solidify Hong Kong's position as a leading economic and financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region. In the meantime, the Hong Kong government has implemented a series of policies to encourage local young people to pursue their dreams, seek employment, or engage in entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area, thus creating new opportunities for them."

Remarkably, compared to the youth, middle-aged individuals might have more factors to consider in terms of their families and career development, as they face additional challenges in adapting to the new environment and managing crises. Dr. Felix Yip said, "We have to determine whether these issues are refraining them from pursuing opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. To analyze this problem, we should delve into two aspects: internal and external factors. Starting with internal factors, we can further divide them into subjective and objective factors. Regarding objective factors, it is important to note that middle-aged individuals are older than the youth. As previously mentioned, this may put them at a relative disadvantage in certain physical and mental aspects. However, their life and work experience can help them overcome adversities and develop feasible strategies to solve problems. Furthermore, with more years of experience, they possess extensive networks and enhanced communication skills, which put them in a more favorable position for career development in the Greater Bay Area." Dr. Yip emphasizes that Hong Kong people with relevant professional qualifications and management experience in fields such as finance, technology, logistics, and professional services (including accounting, legal services, engineering, and corporate governance) can develop a competitive edge in the Greater Bay Area.

Pursuing Further Education for Mastery in Talent Management
Mr. Louis Kwok, Senior Lecturer at the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, and Executive Officer of the Hong Kong People Management Association, believed that the global shortage of business management talent affects not only the Greater Bay Area but also Hong Kong. This shortage has a detrimental impact on the global competitiveness of various corporations. “Various surveys on human resources management in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong have revealed that, in addition to the provision of basic management training, corporations are developing customized training programs on topics such as business leadership (e.g., leading employees of different age groups in the workplace), project management, innovative decision-making, strategic thinking, and execution capacity. These training programs aim to address specific needs. Adult learners will be granted autonomy and flexibility to engage in these training topics, allowing employees more space and freedom for autonomous learning.” The perpetual pursuit of skills and knowledge will lead individuals to career success, regardless of their geographic context.
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